May 2017
EStackedBar is a client-side javascript chart tool for showing items as boxes in different columns. Users are able to interact with the items to move or resize them. This is an event based component which means every action triggers corresponding events.
Typescript, less, html, jquery
MoneyWest iOS Application
March 2015
iOS App for MoneyWest Foreign Currency Exchange users to check latest exchange rates and convert different currencies to each other. Set limitation for currencies to notify user. Market for users to buy and sell.
XCode, Swift, WCF WebService
Radius to Diameter for WiFi Online Charging (OCS) Integration
April 2015
an interface to handle both BRAS and OCS requests and responses. UDP Radius packets and TCP Diameter packets are both managed and converted to each other to be able to use two different protocols in a 3gpp service.
C# .NET, MongoDb, Diameter Protocol, Radius Protocol, 3GPP, RFC 4006
AAA Web Panel
January 2015
AAA Web Application:
– Managing AAA modules, instances and database engines remotely
– Monitoring system state
– Customized Reporting
ASP .NET MVC, Bootstrap, AngularJS, JQuery, WebAPI 2
Diameter Server/Client Application
July 2014
Diameter Server Application:
– Implemented based on RFC 6733, 3588 and 4006
– Generates both Request and Answer packets
– Multi-threaded TCP packet responding to get the highest TPS rate (Transactions per second)
– AVPs are based on XML dictionary
– Implemented all packets types
– Using Mongodb as the first database engine
– Integrated with Radius Server Application
– Can be distributed over servers for traffic balancing
– Web service implementation for serving required data and reports using ServiceStack(REST)
– Queries are optimized for sharding mode in Mongodb
Radius Server Application (Telecommunication Company of Khorasan Razavi Province)
January 2014
Bras Radius Server application (called GRS) for about 170,000 online users:
– Authentication, Authorization and Accounting
– Ip pooling with different Ip types in different conditions.
– Webservice using ServiceStack to serve methods necessary for CRM
– Query optimization based on mongo db sharding.
– Report query optimization for overload balancing in Db replications
– Sending CoA messages to control users’ behaviors
– Working with different types of Bras (Huawei, Cisco, ZTE, MikroTik)
– WinForm Control Panel for controlling and managing application
– SSH to have real-time control over application configurations.
– Group types for managing users’ credit and expiration date by different rates in volume and time
– Packets Manager, to manage radius attributes in response packet with full filtering in Pacekt Type, Bras Name, Bras Type, Username,…
– Proxy Mode, to send packets to other radius engines with filtering options.
– IpPool router and balancer, IPs can be distributed over routers and with ip pool balancer it is possible to configure and manage ip requests between routers.
– IpPool routers executes queries in memory for reads and in memory and database for writes for better performance.
– Useful core options to Accept all packets, Disable username and password, volume credit, expiration date, mac address, nas port id checking for crisis situations.
Web-based Portal Engine
July 2013
Developing company portal core with capability of integrating and developing other projects.
– MS Sql Server for database engine
– Enabling encoding on all links and values with a dynamic key to prevent phishing data.
– Using Telerik components for better performance, reliability and design.
– Compatible with windows form version; no change in database structure.
Bus Management System (Tabriz Bus Company)
August 2013
Managing Buses, Smart Card information, GPS Data Calculation, Online map, Buses Information for stations on LED Panels (RTPIS, Socket Programming), Reporting System on ~3 million records per day
Failure Management System (National Oil Corporation)
October 2013
CRM for managing gas station failures between Technical Officials, Contractors and Support Center.
Automation System
February 2013
Windows based automation system using dynamic workflow for Communication, Email and SMS process.
Food Reservation System (Water & Wastewater Company of Khorasan Razavi Province)
December 2012 – July 2013
Food reservation web application for employees of company.
Technologies, tools and methods which have been used for this project:
ASP .NET, C#, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, HTML, CSS, JQuery, Active Directory for credentials.
Color Management System (Tabesh Rang)
December 2012 – July 2013
This application designed for Tabesh Rang factory but it is useful for other color factories to create color formulas and manage their products and raw materials to get the best result in their business and find better financial solutions.